What to look for in a Team Building Facilitator

March 21, 2014 0 Comments

Oftentimes, we here at TeamBuildingPhilippines.com get inquiries for recommended facilitators.  While we do not endorse particular facilitation teams, we can provide you with guidance on choosing the right facilitator for your team building.

When creating a short list of facilitators, you should look first into the background of the team building company.  Some key things to ask:

  • Who were your previous clients you have facilitated?
  • Have you team built companies in the same industry or with the same organizational function? 
  • Have you handled groups similar to our group size?
  • What is the educational and experiential background of the facilitators?
  • (You'd be surprised with the number of "team building facilitators" offering advice and guidance to companies who did not even complete their college degree!  One spa venue in Tagaytay just uses their maintenance staff as their facilitators, so watch out for packaged deals with venues.  Always look into the backgrounds of their facilitators)

Once you've created your short list, the next step is asking the facilitators for a sample team building program, given your certain parameters.  These parameters can include:

  • Company core values you want addressed
  • Mission/vision you want incorporated
  • Corporate goals for the year
  • Demographic of the group (age, male/female ratio, educational/professional background, any foreigners in the group)
  • Geographic area where you want your team building (some facilitators only service certain areas of the Philippines)

Once you have received your stack of sample team building programs from your short list of facilitators, now is the time to evaluate which program fits your team best.  Some key things to look for:

  • Does the program fit the parameters you set forth?
  • How professional is the program?
  • Does it match the standards of your organization?
  • How well can the facilitator explain the program?  
  • Is he/she able to adjust to your needs?

During your actual facilitation, you should continue to evaluate your team building facilitator so you know if you will be going with them the next time.  A few things you can be looking for:

  • How professional was the team building?
  • Was the facilitator able to control and guide the crowd properly?
  • Did the facilitation team deliver on what they promised?
  • What type of materials were used?
  • Did your team feel they accomplished something during the team building?

We hope this list of questions helps you find the best team building facilitator for your group.

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