What to look for in a Team Building Facilitator

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Oftentimes, we here at TeamBuildingPhilippines.com get inquiries for recommended facilitators.  While we do not endorse particular facilitation teams, we can provide you with guidance on choosing the right facilitator for your team building.

When creating a short list of facilitators, you should look first into the background of the team building company.  Some key things to ask:

  • Who were your previous clients you have facilitated?
  • Have you team built companies in the same industry or with the same organizational function? 
  • Have you handled groups similar to our group size?
  • What is the educational and experiential background of the facilitators?
  • (You'd be surprised with the number of "team building facilitators" offering advice and guidance to companies who did not even complete their college degree!  One spa venue in Tagaytay just uses their maintenance staff as their facilitators, so watch out for packaged deals with venues.  Always look into the ...
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Team building games... what's your favorite?

by Team Building Philippines on January 30, 2013 50 Comments

To all the team building facilitators and HR people out there, what is your favorite team building exercise or game to conduct?

Name and describe your team building exercise, and we'll rank and give credit to the best in our next post!

Welcome to Team Building Philippines!

by Team Building Philippines on September 30, 2012 52 Comments

Welcome team building facilitators, HR managers, and everyone and anyone interested in learning more about the art and science of team building here in the Philippines!

In this blog, we hope to bring together the best team building ideas, activities, seminars, and venues the Philippines has to offer. 

Feel free to comment and send us feedback on how we are doing!

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Top 10 Team Building Venues in the Philippines 2013

Every year we poll our vast network of facilitators, HR managers, bosses, and business owners who did a team building in the past year.  The results are in, and we've tallied up the votes for the best places to do team building in the Philippines!  At the top of this years list is the revamped MMLDC now known as the First Pacific Leadership Acacemy in Antipolo, followed closely by beautiful Gratchi's Getaway in Tagaytay, and in third is the serene Clearwater Resort in Pampanga.

Top team building destinations Gratchi's, FLPA, Caliraya

Remember that the best team building venue for your company is really dependent on the goals your team is trying to accomplish, as well as the needs of the particular members in your group.  With that in mind, here's TeamBuildingPhilippines.com's list of Top Team Building Venues in the Philippines for 2013:

1. First Pacific Leadership Academy (Former MMLDC)

2. Gratchi's Getaway - Tagaytay Farm Resort

3. Clearwater Resort

4. Camp John Hay - Baguio

5. Eugenio Lopez Center - Antipolo

6. Camp Benjamin

7. Philip's Sanctuary

8. Forest Club

9. Caliraya

10. Falcon Crest

Team Building Pics at Eugenio Lopez Center, Caliraya Resort, and Gratchi's Getaway

Qualities polled for the best spot for team building here in the Philippines included ratings on:

    - Team building facilities (indoor & outdoor)

    - Resident team building facilitators

    - Effectiveness of Team Building

    - Accommodations

    - Meals and snacks

    - Staff and guest relations

    - Value for price

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